Harvest has finished

On December 20th, we finished harvest. The 2019 crop year is definitely one that will make it into our history books. My dad has always told me that "we've always got it in, and we've always got it out."  Mother Nature presented a range of challenges from unbelievable amounts of rain, preventing us from planting a single seed until six weeks after we typically finish to a summer that turned dry with many places not seeing any rain for an entire month. After that disastrous spring and summer came a fall that brought an early frost, stopping our corn from reaching full maturity and even more rain, postponing the bulk of our harvest, and making it tough when we were able to work. This was the first year that I was questioning if the saying my dad has was going to happen. We had many challenges getting our crops out this fall, and I can say with certainty that if it weren't for help from family and friends, we wouldn't have finished when we did. While looking forward to a positive and prosperous 2020, I say thank you to everyone that has helped through this challenging year. 

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