Jim is extremely kind and his family farm is both immaculate and stunning. I bought my ground beef from him and now I won't buy it from anyone else. His ground beef is delicious, well packaged, and very lean. I can't say enough good things about NBN limousin -Hammett family Farms. I had a great experience.


Purchased when we first moved to dekalb. Had ground beef and a couple steaks, seriously top shelf and friendly open owner.

Jaybee Bantug,

Great family to work with and at great prices too! We just had our first patties and they were delicious.

Graham Gletty,

Their meat quality is unparalleled, period. We ordered; ground beef, tenderloin steaks, and a New York strip steak. Meat is fairly lean, beautiful marbling, and texture melts like butter in your mouth. I would highly recommend NBN Limousin meats to anyone, you will not be disappointed.

Paul Morisette,

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