Born and raised in a southside suburb of Chicago, Amanda ventured to Northern Illinois University where she not only played volleyball on a full-ride scholarship but pursued undergraduate and graduate degrees in their education program (Kinesiology/Physical Ed, Health Ed, Driver Ed, and Adapted P.E.). Her life as a student-athlete was C.R.A.Z.Y. busy and it was at the tail end of her junior year (May 2009) where she met Jim through a mutual friend. Although it took Jim a while to finally get her number (feel free to ask him about the kitten story), they ended up eventually dating. Little did she know, her life was about to take a 180-degree turn as their relationship progressed.

Going from urban to rural (she could actually see the stars), this city girl was falling in love with the country lifestyle and Jim, of course! Amanda found farming fascinating having had ZERO experience with anything related to farming growing up in Oak Lawn. She helped with livestock chores from sorting to loading hogs, feeding cattle, assisting in a couple of calf births (wow, those suckers are heavy!), and learning how to drive various types of machinery based on the season such as the grain cart, combine (shhh, don't tell Bob), manure spreader, semi-tractor trailers, skid steer, etc. She smelled smells she never dreamed of smelling (some smells she wished she never had like pig poop) but if you were to ask her what her all-time favorite smell on a farm is (because her #1 is fabric softener) it would HANDS DOWN 110% be the smell of drying corn!!!!! Anyway, back on topic...

After Amanda graduated from NIU in 2010, Jim did not waste any time proposing and they wed in June 2012 (favorite part=Hawaii honeymoon!). She is a proud wife, mom of 4 beautiful children, teacher, and coach. She is so excited to be a part of Hammett Family Farms because she now truly understands why God Made A Farmer and is very appreciative for her family along with all the other hardworking farmers out there! She is proud to say, "Home is where the Farm is."

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy our products as much as I do (I literally can taste the difference between meat bought from the store and from what my husband raises -- I will NEVER go back!). I am a firm believer in farm to table AND buying directly from the producer, not because I'm married to one, but because I can tell you that no person is as educated about their animals and products than the farmer him or herself. It is absolutely amazing the amount of work he put into raising a high-quality animal to provide top-notch products for our community. I hope you give us a try one day and to those that have, remember to leave a review! Thanks for all of your support!